—  Marathon/26.2 miles —
— Pain and pleasure—

4 x 10.55km laps, 2 x SOS stations per lap



The course is a undulating 10.55km loop
Surface is a mixed surface of common tracks, paths and single track

Held from the top of the common near the Wimbledon Windmill with easy access from Wimbledon mainline station or the A3. 

Marathon Relay

Grab and friend or three!
4 laps of 10.55km/lap. No need to decide your team yet, just the leader needs to enter and we take team names and order closer to the day. No cheeky underhand  fees for changes of names/order of running like the big corporates!

For example a Marathon Relay Team of 4 will run 10.55km each or a team of 3 will have one runner run 21.1km (half marathon).
Marathon Pairs can mix and match the loops as long as passover is on each lap. So one could do 31.65km and the other 10.55km or take it in turns to run 10.55km.